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Crockett Cookies Featured in Food Business News

“A global pandemic is likely not the best time for a startup to introduce a product. The foodservice sector is in disarray and retail buyers are adjusting to new consumer shopping patterns. Buyers do not have the time to get new products on shelf. It is recommended entrepreneurs take this time to reboot and focus on their business plan.

“Cheryl Crockett, CEO and owner, Crockett Cookies Inc., Chicago, makes two types of cookies — butter and peanut butter — based on the Chicago Public School lunchroom-style cookies that were handmade and served 30 years ago. The treat is nostalgic for locals and the perfect impulse buy, as tubs of five cookies can be found near the register of Walgreen’s stores throughout the city, as well as area Whole Foods Markets and other local retailers.

“When asked if she would rather add another flavor to possibly attract new customers at current retail locations or grow distribution of the two current flavors, Ms. Crockett said, ‘My preference is always growing locations, which in general has always attracted more customers. Before the COVID-19 infected Chicago, along with our entire country, Crockett Cookies was right on the cusp of several expansions to other large clients and stores. (I’m) looking forward to making that happen as soon as we get through this challenging period.’”

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