Crockett’s CPS butter cookies featured in Chicago Tribune

Crockett’s CPS butter cookies featured in Chicago Tribune

Rich, buttery and just 5 cents each, Chicago Public Schools’ iconic butter cookies made lunchtime all the merrier from the 1960s and through the ’80s. These classic shortbread cookies, pressed with three fingers for good measure and baked to toasty perfection, once graced cafeteria trays across the city.

Cheryl Crockett was working in the corporate world when a college friend shared her recipe for the cafeteria classic. “I adapted the recipe, hoping to re-create the happy school-day memories these cookies inspired, and brought some to a family get-together. From that day forward, I couldn’t attend a family gathering without a batch of my cookies.”

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  1. Love these cookies! My boyfriend is as I leave this message my best friend is going nuts because i sent him to this

  2. I love your butter cookies and they are my new favorite. I have not had the peanut butter cookies but I plan on picking them up today. Thank you for baking such a fine cookie

  3. As I sit here eating my peanut butter lunch room cookies it brings back so many wonderful memories!!! I’m a big fan of the peanut butter flavor and before now had found it almost impossible to find. This is a Chicago classic!!!

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